Remember if you have not cashed any cheques that you won, do it !!! They will be null & void as of December 15, 2015.


Monday, October 19, 2015

OBRA Members & Contestants of the Grand Slam Finals,

With regards to the cancellation of Sunday’s classes at the Finals, we are very sorry that this happened. In all the years of OBRA we have never had a Finals cancelled due to a storm causing power outages that lasted the whole day. In fact Clinton still has no continuous power as the crews are still working on restoring full power to many areas. Reach Huron made the final decision, as their liability wouldn’t have covered the facility without power. It was an unfortunate situation & we trust our competitors/members understand we had no control over the outcome.

All competitors that entered Sunday & had paid the weekend office & arena fee will be refunded the $10. extra day charge and any class entry fees that were paid for Sunday. Carol will be mailing these cheques out as soon as she possibly can. Please be patient, there is a lot involved in doing this.

As for the added money, which was designated for Sunday, it will now be added to Blast Off in the spring.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact your President. Adam Harrison either by email adam.harrison500@gmail.com or by phone 519-280-1051




Letter from OBRA President Adam Harrison

Welcome to the 2015 season !! This season is looking forward to being a great one. At the AGM you the members voted in the new executive !! There are new and old members, we are all looking forward to working for you !! You asked for a senior class to be added, you now have senior class at OBRA ! Please don't hesitate to come forward with suggestions or concerns. You elected us we are here for you !! Please remember  our sponsors ! We have sponsors that have been with us for years and we have new ones coming on board please use them whenever possible !! And last but definitely not least our show hosts!! Thank You !!! 
Stay safe....

Your 2015 OBRA President,

Adam Harrison


OBRA Sponsors

Ontario Quarter Horse Racing

The Quarter Horse Racing program in Ontario has backed the OBRA and several other barrel racing organizations in Ontario for a number of years now. Not only do they support us but also the great bloodlines being produced in Ontario are going on to prove themselves with a second career in barrel racing.

For any horse enthusiasts who would like to watch these horses fly, plan a day at Ajax or Ft. Erie and guaranteed you will love it. There are also seminars for those interested in being more involved in Quarter horse racing.

Jim Wilson Chevrolet Buick GMC

In addition to being an avid fan, Jim Wilson has been a long time supporter of the OBRA!

This is the place to go for a new or used vehicle. It is worth the drive to Orillia to see their great inventory, enjoy great service and be guaranteed a great price. Jim also lends further support when any OBRA member purchases a vehicle.

Scott and Lisa Gray

OBRA youth have enjoyed some of the best youth payouts anywhere as a result of Scott’s support and sponsorship. This is nothing new to Scott and Lisa as they have poured countless hours and finances to encourage youth in barrel racing, rodeo and other western horse sports.

Joseph & Ross Environmental Inc.

JRE understands the importance of protecting our communities from potentially disastrous environmental emergencies.It’s why they are committed to removing harmful substances from the environment in the case of a threatening accident.As a leader in environmental cleanup, the Joseph & Ross Environmental Emergency Response Teams always perform their duties with the public’s health and safety, as well as the sustainability of the environment, in mind.